Bill Dunlaps Poetic Aesthetic barn murals
Posted 11.08.10 by Cody

In October, I completed a barn mural near Damascus, Maryland. It is 10 ft tall and 43 ft long. It is the first mural in the Poetic. Aesthetic. in Rural Maryland project. In 2011 I will paint several more murals across Maryland for this project. Each mural contains poetry. For this first painting, I used the poem "Lost" by David Wagoner.

More photos on Bills website

You can also view a slideshow of more photos of the mural on Bills Flickr

Plain Air
Posted 10.25.10 by Brian
Theres still three weeks left, so go see the show if you come through NY.

Corey Arnold, The Holyland Experience #1, Chromira C-Print, 20 x 25”

Patrick Casey, Landscape (Pure Fucking Hell), Woodcut hand painted w/fabric dye
and gouache

Mark Chariker, Ghost Ship, Acrylic on panel

John Copeland, Jesus only knows, graphite on paper, 22 x 30”, 2010

Sophia Cara Frydman, Four Months, Graphite on Paper, 2010

Joseph Hart, Shitter Shadder Study No. 2, collaged paper, ink, acrylic,
colored pencil and graphite on paper, 16 x 20”

Cody Hoyt, Not Titled, graphite, acrylic, colored pencil, ink on paper

Alex Lukas, Untitled, Ink, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache and Silk Screen on
Paper, 17.5” x 25.5”

Eddie Martinez, Untitled, mixed media on panel, 16 x 19 3/4”

Niall Mcclelland, Tapestry – Perspective, 35"x55.5", photocopy on paper

Caleb Neelon, Isolationist, Acrylic and gouache on panel, 12" x 41"

Hilary Pecis, Untitled (Spring #163), collage and ink on paper

Hilary Pecis, Untitled (Spring #164), collage and ink on paper

Zac Scheinbaum, Untitled, Graphite on paper, 8x8”

Zac Scheinbaum, Untitled, Graphite on paper, 8x8”,

Mark Schoening, Untitled, Acrylic, latex, ink, glitter, carbon transfer, resin on panel

Andrew Schoultz, Revisiting Insignificant Moments in History (Falling Tree),
Acrylic on found antique copper plate print from 1780, 14” x12”

Conor Thompson, Untitled, Oil on canvas, 27x24”

Paul Wackers, Sometimes what you get is just enough, acrylic, spray paint on panel,

Brian Willmont, Untitled, Gouache on Paper

Plain Air opens at Cinders Gallery
Posted 10.14.10 by Cody
Cinders Gallery and Apenest Present:

October 15th – November 14th 2010

Plain Air

Opening Reception Friday October 15th 7-10pm

Curated by Brian Willmont

Corey Arnold, Patrick Casey, Mark Chariker, John Copeland, Sophia Cara Frydman, Joseph Hart, Cody Hoyt, Alex Lukas, Eddie Martinez, Niall Mcclelland, Steak Mtn., Caleb Neelon, Hilary Pecis, Eric Saline, Zac Scheinbaum, Andrew Schoultz, Mark Schoening, Conor Thompson, Paul Wackers, Brian Willmont

Plain Air is the second in a series of exhibitions put together by the loose-knit collective/publishing-printmaking project called Apenest. Beginning as a way to create a rad and cost-effective art book, artists Brian Willmont and Cody Hoyt started Apenest by collecting artwork from their favorite artists, selling the work to collectors themselves and then taking the proceeds to self-publish their first book featuring everyone who contributed. They have since published 2 massive, beautiful full-color books that act as a wonderful compendium of underground contemporary art and have begun exhibiting their work together in a series of thematic group shows.

Plain Air explores the theme of landscape as the space we inhabit, falling somewhere between reality and fantasy. Some artists address the topic head on; Patrick Casey’s updated New England wall art puts a shocking twist on familiar imagery, while Conor Thompson has a more topical approach focusing on the alienation of the modern landscape. Others transform the idea of landscape completely as a form of space beyond physical constrictions and break into its total abstraction.

Cinders Gallery

None More Black opens at Fourth Wall Project
Posted 10.20.09 by Cody
Apenest contributors Tony Bevilacqua and Bill Dunlap, and tattoo-on-my-body contributor Chad Chesko will be showing art in Boston starting this weekend. Meighan O'Toole curated the show.

"None More Black brings together an eclectic mix of four East coast artists for the first time; Tony Bevilacqua, Chad Chesko, Bill Dunlap and Elisabeth Timpone.

Exploring life, death, rebirth and metamorphosis, each artist interprets these subjects in their own unique way, with the use of intense color or completely devoid of it through sculpture, paintings, drawings and on-site murals and installation."

Click here to visit the My Love For You... blog, and see a work-in-progress look at a mural by Chad and Tony.

Please join in for the opening reception:
Friday October 23rd, 2009 from 7pm - 9pm
@ Fourth Wall Project
132 Brookline Avenue
Boston, Ma 02115


Beautiful/Decay book 2 out soon, includes tiny Cody Hoyt print
Posted 10.09.09 by Cody
From the Beautiful/Decay blog:
"After months of planning and scheming I’m excited to announce that each issue of Book 2 will come with a limited edition, silk screened, hand signed & numbered 4″x6″ print.

The print was silkscreened locally by our friends over at Two Rabbits Studios.

The only way to get this limited edition print is through purchasing Beautiful/Decay. They will not be sold separately anywhere. Head over to our shop and reserve your copy of Book 2 by subscribing."

Alex Lukas at White Walls
Posted 03.18.09 by Brian
Alex has a show at White Walls in San Francisco called 'And Another Shall Rise To Take Her Place'. The work on the website is amazing and anybody within reach should go check it out. Featuring a billion works on paper he creates a kind of melancholic vision of a wasted world. Alex uses a silkscreen to an amazing effect in the grass and water, I want one.

And Another Shall Rise To Take Her Place
@ White Walls
3/14 - 4/3

More from Alex at: alexlukas.com

Computer Arts CHINA
Posted 02.27.09 by Cody
The Chinese language counterpart to Computer Arts magazine, Computer Arts China, just ran an 8 page featured interview about Apenest and some of my personal work.

My Chinese is kind of rusty, so if you have any interest in translating parts of this for me, let me know.

Thank you to Rita Lee for asking such engaging, although curiously translated interview questions.

Kitsune Noir: Desktop Wallpaper Project
Posted 02.26.09 by Cody

I just contributed a desktop wallpaper to Kitsune Noir, personal blog of the aesthetically enlightened, eagle-eyed Bobby Solomon. Download it here. It's available in every reasonable resolution you could possibly imagine. Except for rear-projection TV and Game Genie. Bobby doesn't support those formats.

While you are there, make sure to look at the entire collection of past wallpapers.

Before you go, download and listen to all of Bobby's mix tapes, because they are great.

Posted 02.24.09 by Cody

February 21st - April 18th 2009
Opening: Saturday, February 21st 6-9pm
Kopeikin Gallery: 8810 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Beautiful/Decay magazine and the Kopeikin Gallery are excited to celebrate the release of Beautiful/Decay's 26th Issue Z with a retrospective art show, " Beautiful/Decay A to Z," opening February 21st.

Participating artists include: Aaron Noble, Ai Kijima, Ala Ebtekar, Alex Trochut, Aya Kato, Barnaby Whitfield, Charlie Roberts, David Shaw, Eric Yahnker, Erik Parker, Erika Somogyi, Gary Taxali, Jacob Magraw, Julia Randall, Mark Schoening, Michael Scoggins, Pearl C. Hsiung, Pepe Mar, Robbie Conal, Scott Anderson, Scott Treleaven, Simmons and Burke, Skwak, Suntek Chung, Stella Lai, and Wendell Gladstone.

Invisible Somethings
Posted 02.20.09 by Brian
Denise Kupferschmidt
Eric Shaw
Brian Willmont

@ 92Y Tribeca
200 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013
Feb 6- April 15 2009

Like weft and warp, the work in “invisible Somethings’ weaves in and out of representation and reality, combining disparate imagery to create a concise yet chaotic whole. In this exhibition, obsessive graphic works on paper reveal the elemental nature of human existence. Petroglyphs of the 21st century, ‘Invisible Somethings’ unravels itself revealing the presence of the experiential conception. Constantly charging forward, we are unaware that we charge in loops and spirals, spurts and glubs. Our own lives are such deceptive patterns that we know only to make sense of them through the window. Neverending obbsesiveness leads to cathartic imagery. Closeness to God is achieved by repitition.

Caleb Neelons Book of Awesome
Posted 02.20.09 by Brian
Published Ginko Press
128 pages
Hard Bound
4 color offset printing
9" x 7"

Artist and author Caleb Neelon (SONIK) began his graffiti career like anyone else, but the Cambridge, Massachusetts native took a hard right and caught a flight out of town. Deliberately ignoring the obvious global centers of New York, Los Angeles, and London, Caleb painted subject matter close to his heart while making a street presence in places like Kathmandu, Sao Paulo, and Tegucigalpa. Across, around, and in between five continents, indoors and out, Caleb has pulled off some unique, colorful, and heartfelt work both alongside collaborators like Os Gemeos and Andrew Schoultz, as well as in streets where he is the first foreigner -- let alone street painter -- to wander in quite some time. Featuring heartfelt travel stories going beyond the artwork to the socio- political situations that surround them, as well as the large- scale gallery installations of Caleb's from venues such as the Boston Center for the Arts, Caleb Neelon's Book of Awesome provides an overview of the work of this diverse and distinctive artist.

Available at Amazon

Corey Corcoran Studio Visit!
Posted 01.22.09 by Brian
My Love For You is a Stampede of Horses checks out Coreys South Boston studio. He's got so much great new stuff going on in there, I love the Popsicle sticks! Go check it out, theres an apenest on the table..

Deep Slumber Lake
Posted 01.22.09 by Brian
Deep Slumber Lake was just interviewed by Sasha Lee at Beautiful/Decay read why every epic needs a wizzzzard, count your hit points and check out photos from they're recent show at the CCA in Santa Fe.

More Apenest interviews
Posted 01.22.09 by Brian
Haven't been home much and slept on posting these new interviews. Rowan Morrison and Gen Art Pulse both asked us some questions, go read.

Apenest Interview
Posted 10.23.08 by Brian
Intro from B/D

"Brian Willmont is a multi-talented creative. Along with his partner, Cody Hoyt, he spearheads Apenest, a design/art collective that self-produces collaborative silkscreens, graphics and a stunning full color book showcasing a stable of brilliant contemporary artists. Beautiful/Decay recently received a copy of their book and was blown away by the attention to design and the quality of the artists included. As an artist, Willmont also creates invididual work—his stunning works on paper detail an idiosyncratic personal vocabulary, often leaning towards fantastical situations, brightly colored in a hyperspectra of acid-induced prismatic color. Lurking beneath the enticing exterior, however, a darker, more apocalyptic narrative manifests itself; apparent in Willmont's depiction of decaying architectural structures and implied destruction."

To read the interview, visit Beautiful/Decay


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